Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is a frequently visited room in any home.  Chances are you visit your bathroom multiple times in a day without even giving it a second thought, and yet the bathroom is often one of the last places to be given renovation attention by most homeowners.  With the bathroom being an important room in any modern home, it may be time for a remodel.  So whether you are looking for a style update, need a bigger space, are in need of correcting or preventing damage, are looking to conserve water, or simply are ready to invest in a space you love, it may be time to make your bathroom remodel a priority.

Style Update

Does your bathroom bring to mind feelings of childhood visits to your grandparents’ house? Where ugly tile, outdated cabinetry, colorful porcelain, or even worse, carpeted floors encourage you to do your business and get out as quickly as possible? If this is how you feel in your bathroom or you are simply just tired of the same old look and feel, it may be time for a full-scale restroom renovation.  Or, if you are working with a limited budget and yet still want to make some changes that make your bathroom a more comfortable room in your home that better suits your styleno problem – simply making a few modest upgrades can achieve high-impact results.  Whatever your style, motivation, or budget, Priority Builders can give your tired bathroom a fresh new look and feel. 

More Space

The average bathroom has gotten bigger over the years.  However, if you own an older home and still find your bathroom too small to meet your needs, it may be time to consider a renovation.  If you find you are making do with an older bathroom that is far too small, lacks storage, and has an inconvenient layout, this might be just the right incentive to knock down some walls and expand your space.  Or maybe you want to take some smaller steps in remodeling your small bathroom to maximize every inch of space.  In either case, renovating your bathroom to regain your sanity may be exactly what you need.


As time goes by and circumstances change, your priorities as a homeowner change too.  For instance, the bathroom you once loved may prove unsatisfactory when children become part of the equation.  Or, similarly, if you’re looking forward to retirement or have an elderly parent moving into your home, you may be eager to convert the bathroom into a space better suited for your current stage of life or circumstances.  There is no such thing as a bathroom that’s perfect for everyone, but yours should be perfect for you right now or maybe even for the coming several years.

Correct and Prevent Damage

With frequent, sustained exposure to moisture and humidity, even the best-built bathrooms eventually succumb to such problems as mold and mildew, rot and decay. Of course, addressing widespread water damage often involves a great deal of demolition. But there’s a silver lining: extensive repair work often prompts homeowners to undertake a full-scale renovation, which offers a huge opportunity to start with a clean slate. With help from the renovation pros at Priority Builders you can combine practical design principles with the best modern materials to ensure that, going forward, your bathroom will look its best and last as long as possible with minimal maintenance. 

Conserve Water 

The toilet and shower in the average home account for approximately half of all daily water usage.  To keep a lid on household operating costs, while conserving a precious natural resource, there are now a wide range of water-saving toilets, shower heads and faucets on the market.  By opting for fixtures that have been tested and certified to deliver efficient performance, you can reduce your monthly water bill – which over time leads to significant incremental savings in your family expenses.


Not every house upgrade comes with a favourable return on investment, but bathroom remodeling delivers one of the best.  Upon resale, homeowners typically recover more than half the total cost of a quality bathroom renovation.  The key here is quality”!  In order for the remodel to be a financial asset, the workmanship must be high quality – which generally means hiring a professional.



At Priority Builders we can turn your outdated bathroom into a throne room fit for royalty! We are renovation experts with extensive experience and know-how. We employ only the best contractors and staff to ensure a high quality professional standard is met. We take great pride in our work and expect the best on every project. We work with you to ensure your vision is being executed to your satisfaction with the utmost professionalism. Our team of qualified professionals are always friendly and eager to please – we want you to be happy with our work, which we are proud to say, our customers consistently are. Our reputation is solid and many of our customers have come back to us to complete additional projects around their homes and properties. At Priority Builders, we make your project our priority every time. For us, the small personal touches of service really matter and we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied.